What’s in a Luxury Cruise?



Luxury cruises, although expensive, is not just really for those who can afford it, but more for people who love to travel, and meet people who have the same interests.  These are the types of people who do not really mind the cost as long as they  can spend a holiday in 5 star luxury accommodations, where they will be pampered and served.

If you are a guest on a luxury cruise, expect to be treated to a high level of personal service by their staff.  Luxury cruise staff have good training on how to treat the guests the moment they step on board.  On board the ship, you will experience an ambiance which is classy and sociable and guests will be seen going around enjoying the company of other passengers while sipping wine or enjoying the cuisine.  Compared to commercial cruise ships, luxury cruise lines are known to have excellent cuisine.  The staff serving the food are courteous and makes your mealtime a pleasing experience.  Enjoying the cuisine in your stateroom is also possible if you are not the type who would want to mingle with others while dining.

Entertainment in luxury cruises are few and reserved.  They do not have the boisterous sounds of  partying but passengers prefer listening to live music while socializing in a wine bar.  Guests can also enjoy listening to lectures on contemporary or historical subjects given by experts of the subjects.  Explorers, historians, politicians, academics, and scientists  give the lectures to their guests.  Yachting hotspots are frequented by luxury seabourn cruises instead of commercial ports.  This will give passengers a more cultured and educational experience.

Because luxury cruise ships are smaller, passengers are able to get more personalized service from the staff.  Luxury cruise ships can only accommodate around two hundred passengers.  The small luxury cruises are for those who want more personalized service and lesser activities than what commercial cruises offer.

There are also some extra treats for guests like branded toiletries and pajamas with embroidered logos.  These small treats are highly appreciated by the guests.  There are some child-friendly vessels that operate during school holidays.  Most cruises are not intended for family vacations.  To entertain children on board, some luxury cruises offer entertainment facilities for them.

Some small cruise lines have strict dress codes.  Dinnertime was formal during the olden days, where men and woman wear black tie suits and evening gowns.  Recently, however, many seabourn cruises operators have adopted a more liberal dress codes to reflect the fact that there are those who do not enjoy dressing for dinner.  A modest attire will be fine when dining in a luxury cruise ship.

For those who appreciate find things in life, a luxury cruise is for you as it offers you a more bespoke holiday experience.